Sententiae scribendae

The blog of Riley Stewart

Beginning this very blog

I have arrived in the wild world of blogging.

The best time to start a blog is now, so it's time to get into it. I haven't written a ton in the past 5 years since graduating college, so it may be rough. I think the appeal of blogging is simply writing about whatever whimsy you might have, which for me changes day by day. That's my plan at least.

What also brings me to blogging is the motivation and structure that it can provide - I have a few projects cooking up that I know will need a good blog post to describe the process and receive the glory. The better ones might be posted to Reddit or Hacker News, otherwise I'll make a Mastodon and maybe Twitter (blech) accounts to notify the world of my ramblings. I hear newsletters are in too, maybe RSS?

As a side note, I tried to set up two ActivityPub based blogging applications, Plume and WriteFreely, and struggled mightily to get either to work on my tiny VPS. Ultimately I decided to really overengineer it and do it myself in Next.js, as I have let myself lapse in frontendland skills and don't want them to get too rusty if I want to make something more serious. So far I'm not regretting it, mostly I've been playing with TailwindCSS.

I don't think I'll hold myself to any schedule posting here. Life can be chaotic, and I can foresee myself working on 5 posts at once to the horrors of BlogOps experts. At the very least I'll hold myself to a daily goal of working on something with it every day.

The titular phrase, sententiae scribendae, means approxiamately "sentences needing to be written", though my Latin is very rusty.